So I mentioned something about a band called Hollerado after I found out that Said The Whale had won a Juno for best new group! In Said The Whale’s post Juno interview they said they were going to share it with Hollerado who they became very close friends with while on tour. My immediate reaction was “Who is Hollerado?” I quickly looked them up and I realized that I have actually heard a couple of their songs before but never really knew who it was. I instantly bought everything and became a big fan. They are very similar to Said The Whale and they have probably one of the greatest music videos ever (Americanarama).Probably one of my favorite moments while listening to Walking On The Sea  is hearing the lyrics “Breathing is a big job/Said The Whale!” And I immediately put 1 and 1 together and understood what Said The Whale was talking about when they said they were best friends. To incorporate them into their song and they did is pretty awesome. But the icing on the cake for me has to be that they have one of the greatest band websites of all time. It looks like it’s all hand written and a bunch doodles really. Along with that they have a great sense of humor and just the other day regarding the upcoming election they tweeted “THIS” which made me laugh my ass off. They’ve got it all, I love these guys. If you noticed they made it into my top 10 current favorites! They are just that awesome. Check them out will ya? Cheers!

Hollerado – Americanarama

Hollerado – Juliette

Hollerado Website  //  Hollerado iTunes
Hollerado MySpace  //  Hollerado Twitter
Hollerado Facebook  // Hollerado YouTube

I think I have a crush on Alex Winston…

First of all I have to give full credit to one of my favorite music blogs in the world, La Blogotheque for introducing me to Alex Winston! I’ve been blindsided by just how amazing Alex Winston is (and I mean the group in general because it’s not just a one woman show).This new and upcoming group has a dynamic sound that you’ll be hearing all over the place. It’s already hit a commercial and I’m sure it will be in many more and in your favorite TV shows, movies, etc. Her voice is unique and fresh and the upbeat tempo gives you a warm happy feeling. They only have an EP and a Single out right now but they are close to wrapping up their album as they have recently postponed their tour so they could finish it before they hit the road. But with their 8 songs they have released they have already displayed some of their amazing talent with a few really cleverly written and catchy songs. They have done a few covers of some other artists as well that you can find on their Youtube channel and I highly recommend you dig into them because I think they are going to grow pretty quickly as soon as their first album hits the shelf. Did I mention she’s gorgeous along with her other 3 girls (and 4 guys for you lady fans)? I’m gonna rant on and on about how awesome they are if I’m not careful so I’m just gonna share the La Blogotheque videos that caused me to fall so heavily in love with in mere seconds. If anyone has mp3’s of these songs acoustic versions of the songs please let me know because I think it’s pure gold and better than the studio recorded versions. Alex, if you read this please record an acoustic album! You sound amazing acoustic and it’s simple awesomeness!

Alex Winston – Locomotive

Alex Winston – Choice Notes

Bonus MP3: Alex Winston – Don’t Care About Anything

Alex Winston Website
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Said The Whale – JUNO!

I couldn’t be happier for these guys as they won their first Juno for Best New Group! Wait… They aren’t exactly new… That isn’t relevent. Congratulations Said The Whale!

Said The Whale is a local band based in my hometown of Vancouver, BC, Canada and it just makes it even that much more special. I discovered them after I discovered Dan Mangan and man do they have some amazing stuff. Their songs are really well composed with some brilliant lyrical work. I’m waiting for the day they actually headline a show at the Commodore Ballroom because so far I’ve only got to see them open for another band and compete in The Peak Performance Project (Which they one second place in. I think they deserved first place though!). Every performance I have seen has been absolutely fantastic! I hope to see them again when they open for Tokyo Police Club at the Commodore on April 23rd. Before the Juno’s they were touring in the U.S. and actually had all of their equipment stolen out of their van over night! I don’t remember what company or who donated money and new instruments to them but I’m glad someone did because they don’t deserve to be robbed like that. No one does. After watching a couple of post Juno interviews and following them tweeting I decided to check into this band called Hollerado that they are such good friends with. Stick around and I’ll discuss them in my next post because they are fantastic as well. Said The Whale is really one of my favorite bands and I really can’t say enough awesome things about them so I’ll let the music do the talking and I hope you see the same things I do. I suggest you check out the lyrics to a few of their songs as you listen to them because some of them are pretty amazing. Did I mention they also have probably one of the greatest music videos? It’ll put a smile on your face every time! Really, I hope you like them. Cheers.

Said The Whale – This City’s A Mess

Said The Whale – Camilo (The Magician)

Said The Whale – The Light Is You

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Destroyer and War On Drugs!

So I ask my friend if he wants to come see Destroyer with me and he says “Who are they? Some heavy metal band?”. It’s the same thing I get asked every time I mention them to someone who doesn’t know them. But really they are the exact opposite of a heavy metal band. They are a really relaxed and mellow band that crank out some awesome tunes. For the record, I’m not a hippie by any means. I’m an Indie fan, but that doesn’t mean I’m a hipster. But their sound does go really well with a little green…

Anyways! I saw them live on March 17th, 2011 in Vancouver at the Commodore Ballroom and I left feeling kinda, “Meh” about the whole night. I had a pretty bad cold which might have put a damper on my night, but that aside I wasn’t very impressed. There was little to no interaction with the crowd which my have been why the crowd was pretty bad. It was come on, do their thing and pretty much go off. The only thing that kind of saved the show for me was the amazing guitarist, trumpet, and saxophone player. There’s a lot of bridges(am I using the correct technical term?) and they were just fantastic! Oddly enough, I almost enjoyed the opening band (War On Drugs) more which was actually fantastic. I’ll give a quick shout out to them; look up War On Drugs. they are great! Back to the Destroyer’s though… Once you understand that Destroyer originally began creating music in the mid-nineties you’ll understand where the sound comes from. It’s got an older style sound to it while adding some electronic to make it electronic-folk-indie. Google them and look at their history, it’s an interesting little read. They just released their latest album entitled Kaputt, and the song itself “Kaputt” is fantastic. Give it a listen. (And no that is not the singer in the video! I learned that after I saw him live. haha!) The entire album is great actually so make sure you go pick it up.

Destroyer – Kaputt

Destroyer Myspace
Destroyer iTunes

Because Destroyer kinda let me down and I expected a bit of a better show I’m gonna post War On Drugs too because they really were fantastic. I just appreciate it when I see them appreciate the fans. He was saying thank you and talking a bit and acknowledging the audience, maybe I’m just being cranky… Regardless I don’t recall any of that from Destroyer. While Destroyer has some absolutely fantastic musicians that can really play their instruments I still wasn’t happy with the show entirely. So with out wasting anymore time, let me introduce you to what I thought was a great opening group. In fact, I feel like 2 War On Drug songs…

War On Drugs – Coming Through

War On Drugs – Taking The Farm

War On Drugs Website
War On Drugs Myspace
War On Drugs iTunes

Home sweet home!

Well, not really. I have un-finished business left to do in Thailand. I’ll be going back there soon I hope. But you can now read all about it day by day on my new blog I just set up. I didn’t want to clutter this one so I’ve created one specifically for traveling! Go check it out!

Travelers Opinion

Posts go up day by day as If i was in Thailand now writing a live journal. I wrote a rough copy of my journal there and now I’m editing it and trying to clean it up so it makes sense at home. It’s still fresh but much clearer and easier to understand. Trust me, it’s better than me just copy and pasting what i wrote in my phone. You’ll find plenty of useful advice to take with you when you embark on your journey to Thailand and you’ll probably find some things to laugh at me for too. All in all it was an amazing vacation and I can’t wait to go back. Go check out my blog and read all about it!

I don’t really feel like I should be home. I really want to be on the road again but I need to work to go back out on the road so I’ll be back at it soon enough. Anyways for now I gotta get back into writing some music blogs! I just saw Destroyer live at the Commodore on the 17th and I’ll eventually get to them in a blog. For now I gotta get away from my computer and go bowling. Try and beat my 222 high score!


Thailand, here I come!

Ummmm… yeah. I’ll be in Thailand for the next 28 days… Starting today! (This post is actually going up the exact time my flight leaves.) Hope you won’t miss me! Ah who am I kidding, No one reads this anyways! But I know you’re jealous… I mean just look at that picture! That water is amazing! I’ll be bathing in that pretty much daily, and I couldn’t be more excited. it’s gonna be one hell of a trip. If you’re lucky maybe I’ll blog mobile on my phone (doubt it, but you never know). I did say I might blog about some traveling I’m doing and I plan on sharing my adventure when I return (I’m back March 10th so I’ll try to get something up the following week). Stay tuned for pictures and stuff if I get time or check in 28 days later if you want to find out what happened. I’ll definitely share my experiences and pictures from my camera when I get home.

I do have a Flickr account which is attached to my sidebar. I plan on uploading pictures to it If I can so that is where you should check for pictures If I don’t post a blog with them. You can find my Flickr account HERE.

I’ll see you Mid March… That is if I survive. Or If I decide to come back. ;)



Album of the Year 2010 – “Quadron”


I could scream and shout for a while now because I just found out that QUADRON IS COMING TO VANCOUVER IN APRIL AT THE COMMODORE BALLROOM!!!! I will so be there! The only problem is I can’t seem to find the posting for tickets yet, but i’m not worried. I WILL be going to that show! I’m excited, and you should be to if they are coming to your town! Don’t miss it!

Alright, now that I got that out-of-the-way let me explain to you why this is such a big deal (prepare your self for a lengthy post). Quadron is easily my favorite pick for my favorite discovery of 2010 and best album of 2010. There were so many great albums that came out last year but once I heard their self-titled debut album “Quadron” I literally fell to pieces. It was that album you listened to on repeat for a month straight or more. I think it was KCRW that I owe credit to for letting me in on this amazing duo from Copenhagen, Denmark. I could easily ramble on and on about how awesome they are but no matter how hard I try to put it into words it will never be good enough. So instead of me going on and on about how fantastic they are let me tell you about a few of my favorite songs and maybe a tiny bit about the duo known as Quadron. (Side note: It’s funny how 2/3 of my first posts are both from Denmark and they are in my top 10 currently but there must be something going on in Denmark that’s influencing this kind of brilliance.)

The entire album is brilliant and picking only a couple of songs to share with you wasn’t easy because it such a complete and well-rounded album. It’s got slow songs to bring you down a notch, or upbeat songs to get you moving in your jeans. Not only do the songs set a strong tone but she has an amazing voice with a very fresh and unique sound (soul/electronic). I’ve mentioned Quadron as being a duo, but that doesn’t mean there’s are female and male vocals. They have a group for live performances but the heart and soul of Quadron revolves around singer Coco Maja Hastrup Karshøj and musician/producer Robin Hannibal. I don’t know any details about who is on the recordings or if they recorded the album by themselves but I have a hunch she does the back up vocals on the album as well. Most people probably only know the Duo as Quadron, but that’s not the project they have been a part of. Some people might know them as “Boom Clap Bachelors” whom released the album “Just Before You’re Lips” in early 2008 (I recommend you look it up). Since I discovered them in June 2010 it seemed like no one knew who Quadron was. I never heard it anywhere, no one knew who they were, but now I’m not only listening to Quadron on my iPod which is fantastic! A lot of people still don’t know who they are but they continue to grow and they are my pick for album of the year for 2010.

I could go on for a while about Quadron so instead let me introduce you to a couple of my favorite Quadron songs and the video that introduced me to her angelic voice. It’s one of my favorite songs and it’s “Slippin'”. This song was actually featured on a Grey’s Anatomy episode for all you Grey’s fans. And yes it’s a live performance. I love listening to an artist live because it tells me that they are not only the real deal, but if they duplicate the sound of the record live, it tells me that they are talented. Not every band sounds as good live as they do on the record and that’s something I really admire.
The second song is “Buster Keaton” which will surely have you hooked if “Slippin'” didn’t already get you.

Hope you like it as much as I do. Cheers!

Quadron – Slippin’

Quadron – Buster Keaton

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